Nature And Nature: Nature Vs. Nurture

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Nature versus nurture is a common idea of discussion when concerning the cause of one's behavior. The belief behind nature is based upon genetics forming the foundation of one's character it’s strictly a science. On the other hand, nurture is nearly the direct opposite, it is supported by everything after birth shaping one’s character. The two while may seem similar in the beginning have contrasting differences due to the fact that nature is everything one receives before birth and nurture is the type of care given after birth. Moreover, both play a strong role in shaping one's character, but the environmental influence of nurture can ultimately be considered the stronger of the two forces due to being a more easily controllable feature to …show more content…
Nurture is more impactful on one’s character as a whole, due to the simple principle of while most people can create a child it takes something special to become good parents. With the nature aspect, one can only consider the direct genetic link between “parents” and their offspring as to why certain things happen to some and not others, but with nurture anyone can provide the proper ingredients as to why a child is the way they are. Nurture is based on love and care to create a better person, no facts, just pure love. Kendra Cherry declares, “Some characteristics are tied to environmental influences. How a person behaves can be linked to influences such as parenting styles and learned experiences.” For example, a kid watches one parents abuse the other, Parent B never fights back, the child is observing a situation where it may seem like violence is the answer. Also, not only is it the answer, but it is the only solution if one wants power. Parent A is teaching the child to be the abuser instead of letting yourself become the abused. In simple terms, the idea of nurture can be composed of the basic monkey see monkey do component, it’s up to the entire family as a whole not just the parents to take it a step further and lead the child down the correct path of

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