Nature And Its Effect On Human Life Essay

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History has been proven that there have been a lot of means that has brought human beings together and some of this means are religion, politics, education etc. Nature has been the main thing that controls human existence on the planet and every development and increase in human life has come into existence as a result of production. Men have been able to distinguish themselves from animal producing their means of subsistence which is within their existence and through this process which we term mode of production has led to an increase in a population where there is the need for one to control the means of production which has brought a lot of bureaucracy in this world. As a result of this came from those who own the wealth who are called the bourgeoisies and those who does the production who are called the proletarians. Although there has been this establishment of people coming together to make earns meet,There is always something that as to bring them to a unification and one of the things that normally bring people together to form a group of society is only when something happens. One of the great writers who is called Emile Durkheim wrote that crime has been one of the roots that bring human beings together which leads them to form a society. “Durkheim used the term ‘crime’ to designate any act which, regardless degree, provokes against the perpetrator the characteristic is known as punishment”.(pg 31) According to Durkheim anytime there is the need for one to be…

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