Nature And Beauty Of Nature Essay

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From the earliest days of the human race, people have used art to express themselves and interpret the world around them. Prehistoric art consisted mostly of images of animals, such as horses, deer, and buffalo, carved into or painted on the walls of caves. Since then, the means by which art is created has evolved, but it is still abundantly inspired by nature. Some extremely famous artist have invoked this theme, including Vincent Van Gogh, known for Starry Night and Irises, Albert Bierstadt, who was part of the Hudson River School, and Katherine Lee Bate who wrote “America the Beautiful”. Without the beauty of nature, these famous works would not exist, nor remain as renowned today’s society. This charity donates it’s collection of funds to help protect the natural beauty of the world for the masterpieces of future artists. As a worldly community, we need to protect the environment and the beauty of nature so that future generations might also be inspired to create such masterpieces. Nature is important to the health and well-being of humans, for being exposed to a healthy environment increases the likelihood for a more peaceful and happier lifestyle. People are typically drawn to nature because of its complexity and ability to support life. There are Psychological studies whose results show how natural settings tend to calm people more than urban views. Many dentists and doctors will hang “wall-mounted picture[s]” of nature because they can be helpful in reducing stress…

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