Natural And Nature In Michael Crichton's Novel Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park Analysis In Michael Crichton’s novel “Jurassic Park”, he focuses a lot on what we, as readers, distinct the difference of what is natural, and what is artificial. He uses the idea of scientifically bringing back extinct dinosaurs, and creating a zoo for these reptiles. This fictional idea of bringing back prehistoric animals traps us in wondering the big question. Are these dinosaurs actually real, or are they just artificial beings used for science, and entertainment? These cloned dinosaurs are completely artificial, and are not meant to live in this world. What makes anything natural? Everybody has their own opinion. Personally, my belief on natural is any organism that has adapted to a certain environment, and contains a niche that takes place on a day-to-day bases. These creatures that Hammond, the park owner, brought back are not from this world. They came from billions of years ago, and went extinct. Bringing them back …show more content…
Hammond was so money hungry that he refused to create a safe place where people could observe dinosaurs. The whole idea of recreating prehistoric animals is a terrible idea in the first place. Taking DNA from multiple organisms, and placing them into a dinosaur body is just calling for disaster. What is nature? Nature is something we can walk outside, and observe. Nature isn’t man made. Nature is something that cannot be man-made. Malcom was spot-on when he said that zoos aren’t natural. No matter what type of animals reside in the zoo, we created the zoo, therefor it isn’t natural. Hammond made the mistake by creating dinosaurs, and made an even larger mistake by not taking the advice of Wu, and making the dinosaurs slower. Hammond wanted to make the dinosaurs as real as possible, but really not matter what you did to these creatures, they will always be the same.

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