Native Son Summary

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The title of my book is Native Son by Richard Wright. It was published on March 1, 1940. There are 255 pages in the book. Bigger, a young african american living in a small apartment with his siblings and mother, seems to not have a care in the world after he leaves with the intentions of using the change his mother gave him to use as cab fare and go get a job. Instead of going for the job he decides to meet up with his friends. They then plan a robbery at a white mans store. They have robbed places before but not for much and it was in “their part of town.” In this time racism was still in play, the young men were obviously terrified to rob the man but all thought it was a good plan. Later the boys meet to go ahead with their plans but get into another argument and never went through with it. Bigger than goes on to meet his possible new boss, Mr. Dalton. Mr. Dalton gives him a room in his home and a job as the family driver. His first job is to take Mary, Mr. Dalton 's daughter to her class but instead she meets up with her boyfriend Jan and insists Bigger takes them to a restaurant in his part of town. At the restaurant they all get drunk and make their way home. They drop Jan off, Bigger and Mary …show more content…
He is angry because he doesn’t like where he lives and he’s ashamed of his family. He also isn’t a fan of the white people because he feels they limit him and it’s there fault he is where he is. As the author writes, “He hated himself at that moment. Why was he acting and feeling this way? He wanted to wave his hand and bold out the white man who was making him feel like this.” Mary was a young naive white woman with intentions of doing good but too sheltered and clueless of what’s going on to really do anything. Both characters however seem to have good hearts but cannot figure out how to use them and end up making mistakes in different

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