Native Son By Richard Wright Essay

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Native Son was written in 1940 by African American author Richard Wright. The novel tells the story of twenty year old Bigger Thomas, an African American male living in Chicago’s South Side poverty stricken community during the 1930’s. Native Son focuses on the racial oppression forced on blacks by whites and the effects it has on society and the theories of people, especially Bigger Thomas. The theme has caused the book to be labeled as a “protest novel” by other authors because of its aim at the injustice in society during the time era of the setting and in which it was actually published. Nonetheless, Wright’s use of symbols, motifs, and historical references aid in developing the groundbreaking plot and meaning of the story. Richard Wright was born in Roxie, Mississippi and relocated to Chicago, Illinois as a teenager, fleeing the Jim Crow South. He incorporates many of his own experiences and characteristics into the novel. Wright succumbed to poverty in the Chicago area just like Bigger Thomas, the main character and protagonist of the story. After he began to dislike the American government, Richard Wright joined the Communist Party. Bigger is forced to live in a very small apartment with his mother and two siblings. He secretly wishes to free his family of this torture but instead continues to involve himself in petty crimes. Bigger takes on the job as the Dalton family’s chauffeur to please his mother. Mr. Dalton is a wealthy realtor, who owns the apartment…

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