Native Americans During The Colonization Of North America Essay

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Native Americans suffered hundreds of years of violence, discrimination and forced relocation from their land, during the European invasion of North America. After the Europeans arrive, Indian culture soon became endangered, a culture which developed distinctively shaped tools, sewing needles, clothing, jewelry and weapons. They held strong their own higher cultural beliefs, and legends, retold to them for many generations. During the era of colonization in the United States, Native Americans were subjected to years of despair, of which includes ravaging diseases, conversion to Christianity, European technology, and procurement of native land. The spread of old world diseases, brought on to the native tribes of North America, tragically and crucially impacted their spiritual populations. Some of the first encountered germs and viruses, smallpox, influenza and measles has a devastating effect on the Native Americans survival. “Many Huron medical procedures, as described in the Relations, involved the mind as well as the body, for these natives did not see illness as a purely physical problem. With what seems today a rather sophisticated appreciation of the interconnection of feelings, attitudes, and bodily well-being, they would frequently try to cure sickness through ceremonies that recognized and gave dramatic expression to a person’s repressed desires. Although the Jesuits report on these rituals in wonderful detail, they had little understanding of the…

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