Native Americans During The 19th Century North America Essay

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By the 18th century North America was changing dramatically for both not only a positive and rippling way . Many of the British officials were moving west from the Atlantic coast and starting to cross into the Ohio River Valley(territory of the Spanish). The Spanish occupied a huge area extending from the Gulf of California, across the desert to the Gulf Coast and finally Florida. The French settled primarily in New France.The changes in North America were dramatic for the Native Americans as their whole view and standpoint in their world had started changing . European expansion displaced many indigenous peoples who had settled and had a set way of living that was now destroyed and changed. European diseases destroyed whole tribes since the native americans had never built their immune system to this. Changing the trade routes and sources made the arrival of firearms allowed for some the tribes to become more powerful and expand their influence at the cost of the rival tribes. The Native American tribes often struggled against each other as much as against the whites immigrants which led to some disputes and some battles.
Both Europeans and Native Americans took advantage of the changing alliances within and the factions to expand territory,to gain infamy and to finally settle grudges. In the 1600s, Native Americans were seen as barriers that stopped the European advancement which was not seen fairly well by the Europeans. So by the seventeen hundreds a new group of…

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