Native Americans And African Americans Essay

1944 Words Dec 10th, 2014 8 Pages
Niema Poindexter
Professor Guevara
Pols 197
9 December 2014
Natives and African Americans The race relations with races within the United States are damage and needs to be repair. The damage was created the day they set foot on Jamestown. The whiteness was created by the greed for power, money, and domination; whiteness has belittled groups that we see as minorities. The minorities have very little power compare to the majority. Given that, the majority group was created from the whiteness from America. The two minority groups that have been struck down put is slowly rising against the odds are The Native Americans and Africans Americans. From being force to move away from homeland to being use for human labor. Minority groups within the US have all faced the same problems they got from the whiteness of America. The political power of one of the minorities is weaker than other even though a new change has happened then it did in the past. The minority groups facing in stereotyping since eyes have been laid on them the struggles were created but they surpass the stereotypes to remove the struggles they had against them. Native Americans are part of the new world since the beginning their ancestor travel to America and settled in. They are many tribes of Native Americans the made ones were Iroquois, Seminoles, Navajo, Cheyenne, and Lakota. They have a more peaceful life until the Europeans came and started disasters. In hopes for peace, the natives and English made…

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