Native American Culture : Native Americans Essay

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Native American Culture Native Americans are also known as American Indians. They have been living on this continent 48,000 years before Christopher Columbus discovered America. By the time that he discovered it there were over 10 million Native Americans living on this continent. When the Europeans arrived the Native Americans were very interested and worshiped them to some degree. However, the Europeans began to act greedy and mean and only cared about material things. So Native Americans began to hate them. The Europeans also brought with them many diseases and pathogens that the Native Americans had not faced prior to their arrival. As time went on Native Americans were forced of their lands. There were many conflicts that began the Indian Wars. Many Native Americans lost their lives. states “Soon the Native American people were only left with some small Indian reservations for their people, a vast difference from when the continent had been their home” ("Brief Glimpse of Native American History," 2015). In the Native American culture ceremonies and rituals are very important to them. Many people refer to those activities as religion. However, according to Legends of America “most Native Americans did not consider their spirituality, ceremonies, and rituals as “religion,” in the way that Christians do. Rather, their beliefs and practices form an integral and seamless part of their very being” ("Native American Rituals and Ceremonies - History and…

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