Examples Of Civic Nationalism

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When evil is allowed to go unnoticed it builds up creating a greater nationalistic desire within an individual, often causing immense tragedy within a nation-state. This is only possible because men who have any moral values turn a blind eye. Bertold Brecht expresses this through one of his quotes. The quote supports civic nationalism because it is criticizing organizations and the government because they should step up and take action in times of crisis to prevent evil from coming into play. There is also aspects of Ethnic nationalism because when evil is present it often causes the intolerance between two ethnic groups. The use of evil is to show the reader that he is talking about something morally wrong mainly to remind them of past problems …show more content…
He believed that he was far superior over the people in the Congo giving him the right to be cruel. There were two practically similar groups the Hutu and the Tutsis and he caused racial divides between them. This set up for future problems because it created intolerance between the two. He did not just sit back and watch he took advantage of the situation and took the natural resources for himself. By trying to intervene he caused the problems to become far worse by creating the intolerance. In 1877 King Leopold ll colonized the Congo only to benefit himself and his country while brutally treating the natives. (weebly.com) He also “assured his fellow citizens, and the world, that his interest in the Congo was benevolent, that he would tread lightly and encourage the spread of civilization” (historyaccess.com). He blinded his people into thinking he was doing great things in the Congo but he was being evil allowing the world to not step in and do something. Instead he was the one to intervene but it made things worse. Even though some people had the suspicion that he was being evil they did nothing and let the people of the Congo get ruthlessly dehumanized. The treatment of the people “lead to the deaths of half of the population as 10 million people had died” (weebly.com). It was all about the wealth not about the innocent people that he killed. People allowed the genocide of blameless people. The Congo finally got independence in 1960 but it wasn 't all picture perfect as some may have thought it might have been (weebly.com). It was full of lots of civil war because of some of the long-lasting effects of the colonization. These wars eventually lead to what is known as the Rwanda genocide. “On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying President Habyarimana, a Hutu, was shot down”(unitedhumanrights.org).This was the start to the mass killing of

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