National Program Of Scholarships For Public Higher Education Essay

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Since the initiative was recently implemented and the access to the all the Proyecta 100 Mil official calls is either difficult or they have not been opened. On this paper we will focus in one of the programs: Programa Nacional de Becas: Programa de Capacitación Proyecta 100,000 (National Program of Scholarships: Proyecta 100,000 Training Program).
Proyecta 100,000 Training Program has two different calls, one for teachers working in public higher education institutions (HEIs) and another one for students who study in PHEIs. This program offers the opportunity, for teachers and students, to acquiring global competencies like learning the English language.
The selected teachers and students will spend four weeks in the U.S. for improving their linguistics skills in the English Language. They will placed in HEIs, especially in Community Colleges which count with Language Learning Centers, and this selection and placement will be conducted by the Proyecta 100 Mil Committee.
Proyecta 100 Mil expects to create a bilateral fund. Some of their financial resources will be the Secretariat of Energy, universities, Mexican and American companies, business associations, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and CONACYT (DR, 2013). Enrique Pena Nieto’s new educational initiative will target the Secretariat of Energy in Mexico and its counterpart in the U.S. for funds; this is because one of Proyecta 100 Mil’s main is the creation of professional in the sustainable and…

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