Nashville Skyline, By Bob Dylan Essay

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Landmarks, both in a physical and emotional sense, are considered to be the most integral monuments and events that build a society or human experience. Bob Dylan’s collection of Landmark Albums, for instance, is considered the most significant works of art that best represent his career. Each of the Landmark Albums is, in its own right, a destination on the highway of Dylan’s career; however, as the saying goes, “it is not in the destination, but in the journey.” If said logic were applied to Dylan’s discography, Nashville Skyline is an album that may be considered a significant personal and professional catalyst for his career. Nashville Skyline unveils a side of Dylan that he had never before exposed through his music. An analysis of Nashville Skyline, its songs, and the world surrounding the album’s creator support that although Nashville Skyline is not one of Dylan’s landmark albums, it is an integral part in his journey as an artist. Nashville Skyline is Dylan’s ninth studio album, which was released on April 9th, 1969, during his sabbatical from touring. The album was distributed by Columbia Records, produced by Bob Johnston and, as the name implies, was recorded entirely in Nashville over the span of just nine days (February 12th- 21st) (Sounes, 237). His first entirely country album, Nashville Skyline took both critics and the public by surprise by not only premiering a new Dylan sound, but also by showing a more personal, optimistic style of lyricism. Perhaps…

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