Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass Essay examples

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Fredrick Douglass is very dissimilar to the writers of his generation. Douglass, born in 1817, started his journey through life in slavery and had a very unusual beginning of his reading and writing experiences. In his autobiography, “Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave,” he mentions that it was through the mistake of his slave owner’s wife that he began to learn the concept of reading and writing, however, he basically taught himself through many obstacles to accomplish his goal to be able to read as well as a white man. Although he did not begin his journey like the average writer, Douglass has a formal style of writing. He writes in long paragraph form and in chronological narrative style. Douglass also writes his autobiography in the first person. Douglass’s techniques of writing help the reader comprehend what he is saying, as well as making it easy to read. When Douglass was around the age of seven years old, he was a slave of the Auld family, who lived in Maryland. Mrs. Hugh Auld did not come from a slave owning family and did not know the drastic measures of how slave owners treated their slaves, he states: I was utterly astonished at her goodness. I scarcely knew how to behave towards her. She was entirely unlike any other white woman I had ever seen. The meanest slave was put fully at ease in her presence, and none left without feeling better for having seen her. Her face was made of heavenly smiles, and her voice of tranquil music.…

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