Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglas

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Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas

Frederick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland during the slave times between 1817 - 1818. Frederick’s mother was Harriet Bailey. Is father was a white man, most likely a plantation owner. Since Frederick was born into slavery he worked as a slave for part of his life. Being a slave meant that you work very hard for long hours in a hot field, don’t get paid very well, and get fed very little. Slaves had a very rough life.
Frederick although was a young kid, he did not have to work as hard as the older people. Young slave children did the easier jobs on the plantation. Fredrick, being a slave meant he hoped from plantation to plantation. One of his first owners was Hugh Auld. Fredrick
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Auld was very disliked for teaching Fredrick how to read. When a slave learns how to read and write they are considered smart. Slave owners don’t want slaves that know how to read a write. Frederick taught himself how to write after he learned how to read. Frederick Douglas is a very good role model by doing all of the things he did throughout the book. It showed how tough he was because of everything he went through from being moved from plantation to plantation, torchered as a slave, and just plain being a slave. Being a slave could not have been easy and to overcome it and make something good out of his life and everything that he had to do shows what kind of person he was. He did what he had to do to get where he wanted to be. Frederick Douglas made friends with some young white boys while he was a Master Hugh’s planation. He really like the white boys because they were very smart and went to school. He could learn a lot just being with them and listing. These kids didn’t really realize how much different Frederick was compared to them. They did not realize how he got treated and they were not suppose to be teaching him. They made comments to …show more content…
He made the boys speechless by telling them that it did not work that way. Edward Covey was a owner of Frederick. He was the most cruel owner that he had ever had. Edward does not just physically abuse his slaves but he also mentally abuses as well. He makes slaves feel worthless by walking around it the field and punishing them because they are supposedly not working hard enough. Edward by far was the worst slave owner that Frederick had. Sophia Auld is the main person that started Fredericks life. Because of her, Frederick learned how to read and write which meant a lot to him. Frederick really enjoyed her as a slave owner at first because she actually cared and did not know that your were not suppose to treat slaves very well. After a while she began to be like every other owner by treating their slave with no respect. Frederick still thought highly of her because she taught him so much. I enjoyed reading this book because it is a real story about Frederick’s life. I like listening and reading story about older people 's life that are apart of history. I really find personal stories fastening especially when they have a really good meaning behind them like Frederick’s stories

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