Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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Narratives It was always hard to say goodbye to her. Each time, I thought, would be the last. She held up well until the car left the curb and I could see her shuffling up to her door reaching for her handkerchief from the pocket of her frock. I am sure she thought she was in the clear to finally release the tears while she rounded the corner of the walk into her doorway. She did not know my eyes locked onto her every move through my own water-filled lids. Somehow this once strong woman, was tiny and fragile. A block down the road, we realized I had left my coat in her guest room. It was bitter-sweet since I was guaranteed another hug, but the cost would be the heartache of walking away once more. As I ran up to the door I could see her sobbing as she sat in front of her TV tray with a new game of solitaire; cards in one hand and hanky holding her eyes in the other. When she knew I was at the door, neither acknowledged that scene. I grabbed my coat and came for one more clinging hug. Knowing my dad was anxious to be on the road, I peeled myself away. Once again, down the road, my heart ached more and my tears fell harder. Now I knew she missed me as much as I did her between our visits. That marked a time I felt most loved and valued.
To understand how narratives help create meaning from what we see, we should first understand what narratives are. A narrative is a retelling of a story through words, pictures, videos, mimes, etc. It is not the story itself, which is merely a…

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