Narrative Essay : My Mother

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Narrative Essay In the spring of 1997, my mother had given birth to me in Fort Worth, Texas. The both of my parents were overjoyed with a new and healthy baby girl in their lives. Being an infant, I had no idea of all the good and the bad the world had in store, nor was I prepared for it. I never really got a full grasp on what evil things individuals were capable of until I was about five years old. When I was younger, I was taught that on one’s birthday before celebrating your very own life that you are to pray. Not just any prayer, but a prayer dedicated to those whom are being born into this dangerously beautiful world, and those who are taken out of it as well. It would always be the weirdest thing when I went to a friend’s birthday party and they would never acknowledged those individuals. I was the child that screamed at everyone saying, “You forgot to pray, it’s rude to the dead”! I would always receive the strangest looks by parents and peers. In my head, nothing I said was wrong. However, I came to realize that not everyone follows my family’s tradition. By the time I was around eight years old, I had been to several birthday parties. At each of those parties no one had ever acknowledge the lives that were lost/born on “their” special day, and I remember questioning my dad as to why that was. He informed me that we didn’t always use to pray on my birthday, but that it started on my second birthday. You’re probably wondering, why my second birthday? I thought…

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