Narrative Essay About My Family

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My family has to be as odd as it gets. Some of my friends even compare to the Kardashian/Jenner family without the fame or money. So I guess my family starts with my mom and dad. My mom is an Irish American who has lived in Waltham for most of her life. My father actually came here when he about nineteen to escape his war-torn country, El Salvador. My father was actually like a gpysy his eight years here. He first went to California, then to Nevada, Utah, and any other bible state I can think of before settling in Waltham. My father actually grew up quite religious and is now an atheist I believe because of his childhood. My mother grew up quite different from my dad. She grew up in Waltham with awesome parents. My mother grew …show more content…
My oldest sister Daisy is actually twenty one years older than me but by the time I was eleven we were able to have a bond. In middle school a few weekends I would sleepover her condo where she lives with her husband of ten years and her two children Isabella who is seven and Gabriel who is two. My niece and nephew mean the world to me and I couldn’t imagine a world without them. My second oldest sibling is Michael. He’s a strange character but I would’t have it any other way. He’s married to Sarah and has a step son named Tyler who is fourteen and their son Lucas who is eleven. They are probably the weirdest functional people you may ever meet and I can tell they were all meet to be a family. My third oldest brother is Tommy. He’s a goofball. He has had a girlfriend of ten years, Janelle, and they have two sons, little Tommy who is eight years old and Vincet who is just one month old. He is the glue that keeps us all from killing each other. He’s not good at expressing his emotions but he does in the way he tries to take care of us all. Then there comes Harold. He is that person you graduated with you knew would probably never get their life together. Harold just never can keep a job or even get a job. He struggles with his living situations and has even been homeless at times. My mom personally can’t handle him and I don’t think I could either which is why he hasn’t lived with year since he …show more content…
I lived with them entire life and I couldn’t imagine growing up without their guidance. My grandmother’s tomato soup could fix your all day. My grandfather always had some words of wisdom. My grandfather filled the father role and growing up even now I would catch myself calling him my dad. He was the only male I know who could handle a strong woman like my grandmother. She wore the pants in the relationship. I don’t know if I would have as many fond memories of my childhood without them. They took my siblings and I on vacations every year, they took us to school, they were there for every football game, dance recital, chorus concert, graduations, and much more. Sadly my grandmother passed away in October of 2011 at our home on hospice. Then my grandfather passed away in April 2015 a month after my brother. Losing them was like losing parents but they died peacefully with family surrounding them love, I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful way to

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