Nancy Kubasek Case Study Of Thinking About Energy

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Over the course of environmental law the eleven chapters covered throughout the semester processed the reoccurring themes cover to cover. Author Nancy Kubasek emphasizes how environmental quality is an adverse effect on man willful negligence and willful misconduct that is subsequent to negative externalities. With class discussion and supplemental video to reinforce concepts the emphasized them was easily identifiable in relation to the weekly case studies.
Where in the case study of Thinking About Energy differently in relation to the chapter of Natural Resource there was an overall agreement of the class that the reach in sustainability has and will continue to be prolonged due mans thinking of nature where one sees nature as having instrumental
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Neither being regulated nor deemed hazardous the toxic material of coal ash as the contaminates disposal capacity is that of the mounds fixed over land of the United States. With the regard in controlling air and water quality of the environment standards should be implemented as well as enforced as standards create uniform emissions control requirements. Standards put in place such as the six criteria pollutants of ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and lead that contributed to environmental health problems with such standards man is able to offset further harm for future inhabitants. The Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Program found amongst the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 set into place specific standards of areas containing either moderate, serious, severe, or extreme air pollution where the enforcement of vehicle inspection as well as maintenance testing of emissions ensuing as half of annual emissions are from human activities mostly through fuel combustion and motor vehicle exhaust. However many programs and acts are ineffective due to lack of definition and the inability to mandate the reduction of pollutants while other programs are …show more content…
In the years of 1989 to 1993 the William Reilly administration under George H. W. Bush the appointee recognized the president’s opposition of his expertise the subject matter of the environment in regard to the cause of global climate change, biodiversity, loss and water scarcity as Reilly accepted human responsibility in such change of environmental quality as President George H.W. Bush had not in comparison wanting to pacify the subject matter on mans impact on the environment. Where in association to other appointees who completed his or her term Christine Whitman was second to resign from the administration of the Environmental Protection Agency under George W. Bush’s term for presidency with resignation in part of the presidents ill will to make environmental change. As Whitman’s belief to implement change correlated to the chapter of Administrative Law and its Impact on the Environment to reinforce the theme of environmental quality dependence

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