Myths In Native American Mythology

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There are several myths from around the world. Each myth has an origin that is special to the particular region that it was derived from. There are many factors that play a role in where the myths come from; things such as climate and historical events. By learning more about a particular regions culture and important factors, you can learn a great deal about that particular area in regards to mythology. Native American mythology was something that was interesting and showed where climate and historical events really played a role in the myths that have been told. Those that study Native American culture have split North America into ten different areas. The Arctic is a frozen desert and is said to be located in what is now known as Alaska, …show more content…
One of these myths is the one discussion fire. Within this particular myth, it is said that Bear owned fire. Fire traveled with Bear on all of his travels. However, Bear and his people went into the woods one day and left fire behind. Just as fire was about to gout, man came by and fed the fire some wood. Fire consumed the wood it was given and grew bigger and stronger. Once Bear returned for fire, fire no longer wanted to go with Bear. Fire blazed so large and bright that it scared Bear and all of his people away. Since then, fire has belonged to man (Fire). While animal myths appear to be the most prevalent in Native American mythology, coyotes seem to be the most common. The myth in regards to how the tribes of men came to be, involves a battle between the beaver, Wishpoosh, and a coyote. In this myth, Coyote was angry with Wishpoosh for scaring all animals from the water. Coyote devised a plan to get rid of Wishpoosh. He speared the beaver, which caused a major fight within the water. During the fight, the beaver’s dam broke and while coyote was trying to get away, he pulled on rocks and bushes and this created what is now known as the Columbia Gorge. Coyote was getting extremely tired during the fight and decided he needed to come up with another plan. He turned himself into a tree branch and soon after, Wishpoosh swallowed him. Once Coyote was inside the beaver, he returned to his coyote form and killed Wishpoosh. Coyote and his friend, the meerkat, cut Wishpoosh into small pieces and threw the pieces, creating the tribes of men (Coyote and Wishpoosh). Another myth involving a coyote has to do with the creation of the Columbia River. Coyote desired clouds to give him shade and rain to cool him off. He also wanted a creek. However, the creek that was created was not deep enough for coyotes liking. He demanded that it was deeper and with that, it swept Coyote off his feet and threw him

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