Mycobacterium Abscessus Research Paper

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Imagine you have just received your very first session of liposuction. You are smiling, wearing belly shirts and prouder than ever of your new, slim figure. But suddenly you wake up one morning and far from looking like the cover of People magazine, your stomach seems red, swollen and is warm to the touch near the sites where your liposuction occurred.

Remembering the doctor said something about side effects, you shrug it off and assume it will go away on its own. As the days progress, however, the area becomes redder and is now tender when you touch it. You also suddenly feel flu-like symptoms with fever, muscle aches and a general feeling of malaise. When large, pus-filled boils suddenly appear on your newly slim tummy, you finally present to the emergency room, where, after cultures are sent and you are given a variety of interesting antibiotics, you discover that you are now the unhappy host of Mycobacterium abscessus.

M. abscessus is considered a gram positive bacterium that stains acid fast. It is aerobic in nature and rod-shaped (Miller-Keane, 2003). While it is of the same genus Mycobacterium that causes leprosy and tuberculosis, it is considered a non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (Jarand et al.,
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The preferred prevention of any bacteria is for anyone treating an area or performing a procedure to wash their hands with soap and water. Additionally, the patient should always follow doctor 's instructions following any surgery or medical procedure, including proper handling and cleansing of wounds and dressings (Mycobacterium abscessus, 2010). However, a report published in 2011 stated that while these are standard precautions to prevent any bacterial infection, there have not been any controlled studies produced for the specific prevention or treatment of this form of mycobacterial infection (Jarand, 2011). If an infection occurs, however, treatment can be

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