My Worldview On Life During My Free Time Essay

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According to Marriam-Webster, the definition of worldview is “a way someone thinks about the world.” As everybody has a unique view on the world, their views of the universe can range from joyfulness or sadness depending on how he/she perceives the events in life. Some individuals think the events that unfold in life are beneficial to their overall success, while others believe that the events that are taking place lead to a dark place. Nonetheless, we have to face the reality and try to make the best of what unfolds, especially during the bad and good times. A person’s “philosophy of life” or worldview can be categorized into three distinct categories, which are personal, spiritual, and professional.

The first category that is a part of my worldview or “philosophy of life” would be personal. A personal worldview refers to how the universe in viewed in our free-time, which involves a more emotional image than the professional worldview. In turn, my worldview on life during my free-time is to be an individual that has a purpose in life. We were all born into this world, with a distinct purpose; in which this purpose could be different for everyone. Some individuals purpose in life might be to be an innovator and invent the world’s greatest invention, while another individual’s purpose in life is to help others. By not having a purpose in life we are not living, but just running through the motions. With this in mind, my worldview is extended to be an individual that has a…

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