My World Peace By Konrad Lorenz Essay example

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My World Peace
Many people advocate peace, but is peace what we truly need? In terms of this paper, peace an be defined as "A state in which there is no war or fighting."( ) I hold with strong conviction that while peace may be a possible, absolute peace can yield disastrous results. Through active reform, and joint collaboration, war in itself can be significantly reduced worldwide. In order to understand the complexities of peace, one must first identify the causes of war.
Many speculate that human nature has direct correlations with our tendency towards war. There are various schools of thoughts that try to explain why human beings are prone to such violence. Konrad Lorenz famously suggested that aggression was instinctually based. "Lorenz suggests that one way to deal with our instinctive penchant for aggression and militant enthusiasm is by rechanneling this biological energy in socially useful (or, at least, non destructive) forms of competition, such as athletics, the exploration of space, or medical research." (Barash 135) Evolutionary psychologists, which root from Darwinian concepts, regard the occurrence of violence to be a result of one 's circumstances. "In order to be adaptive, it is enough that aggressive patterns to be evoked only under certain conditions of stress such as those that might arise during food shortages and periodic high population densities. (Barash 135) Alternatively, students of social learning suggest that in order to "be" aggressive, it…

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