Essay about My Uncle 's A Boy

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As I look at my generation of children, I realized that my aunty, my uncle, and my mother all have four children each. None of this was planned that way but they all have their own story. I can’t exactly tell you the story of my aunt 's, but I do know that her first child was by someone else. Unfortunately he could take care of responsibilities and my aunt 's husband took over as the father. The rest if her children, which is three girls, came from him. As far as my uncle 's story go, he just always wanted a boy. His first three children were girls. He was blessed with the girls he had created and spoil them like there was no tomorrow. My uncle still wanted a boy. After some years passed by, he finally gets what he wants. My mother 's situation is simple. She had me young, adored me, and loved me of course. She left my father and got with my sister 's father for eight years I believe.
Now she is in this relationship for ten years and had two sons during the relationship. With that being said, there is no pattern. My aunty has been in her relationship over twenty years and been married for about seven or eight years. My uncles has been married and divorced one time. He currently has a girlfriend which is the mother of his son. As for my mother she has been in each relationships for more than eight years and the one she is in right now has been eleven. All I am saying is for my aunt, uncle, and mother, they all have their own story to why their family is the way it is. I…

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