My Time After New England Essay

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History 1376- Paper Assignment #1

Dear mom and dad it’s me Wounmee, I know it has been a while, but I just wanted to write to you about how my time here in New England. I moved here because I didn’t like the Protestant church is back home. When I was in England I heard about a group of people who called themselves the Puritans. They were a group who also believed that the Protestant Church was not complete and was corrupt just like the Catholics. The Puritans wanted to clean up the church and society, and believed that they could make a change within the community by modeling the right way to live life. I decided to join them, but I still didn’t like living in such a corrupt society. Later, I found a group within the Puritans called the Separatist. These group people were like me, they also wanted to separate from the corrupt society. They planned to start their own colony in the new world, and anyone couldn’t come as long as you shared the same beliefs and could afford your transportation there, so I decided to go with them. I expected this new world to be nothing like England; a place where everyone shared the same beliefs and there wouldn’t be any conflicts between religions. In this new world we wouldn’t have to worry about people of the lower sort committing crimes around the community. From what I heard, I also expected the New England to be a place with an abundance of food, resources, land and freedom. Glad to say that New England met all those expectations, it…

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