My Thoughts About The Experience And Blindness And Deafness Essay

710 Words May 26th, 2016 3 Pages
My thoughts about the experience and blindness and deafness are it sucks to be deaf, but it sucks more to be deaf and blind. This experience made me feel lost and frustrated. Getting around the house when you’re unable to see is hard. Although I had friends helping me by guiding me through my house, it was kind of difficult to follow their direction when being deaf. I often felt dragged and scared. I didn’t know what direction I was heading. The communication between my friends and I wasn’t there; there was no way for them to know where or what I needed. I could speak, but I couldn’t get a reciprocated response. I wasn’t able to hear or see their non-verbal and verbal communication. I learned and experienced that as a blind and deaf person, you will need assistance for the first couple of months to familiarize your surroundings.
I bring to my practice of psychology is knowing how to overcome communication barriers. This assignment provides me with only a fraction of experience to understand disability and by no means fully parallels experiences of individuals with disabilities. If I were a psychologist that has to work with an individual who is either deaf or blind, I would be very uncomfortable. I know this to very true because I have encountered a deaf student while I was substituting. I didn’t know how to communication. My first instinct was to speak slowly to her because I am aware deaf individuals often can read lips. However, because she wore hearing aids, I didn’t…

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