My Relationship With Private Instruction

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My relationship with private instruction as a whole has shaped my philosophy for living, and it has turned me into the person that I am today. I began my instruction early which helped to inspire me to maintain my studies into the advanced level. Consequently, I came to the Berklee college of music, where my relationship with private instruction continued to improve as my musicianship grew faster than ever before. Even before entering Berklee, my relationship with private instruction continued to grow through my own experience as a teacher; I was able to soon develop my own philosophies regarding the art of instruction. I began my instruction as a student of the Suzuki method on the violin at the age of ten. However, this is very late in …show more content…
Through family connections, I had been close friends with former String department chair and current head of the American Roots Program, Matt Glaser, and with Guitar Department chair Larry Baione. Through those friendships I had an understanding, before even applying, of the versatility I could develop at Berklee. I arrived at Berklee and began a much more intensive private instruction that pushed me further and faster than any instruction had in the past. I began to realize, through this more extreme instruction, just how much I could accomplish in a given period of time. Moreover, the amount of work that I was able to put in and the extent of the results from these lessons were staggering and grew exponentially week to week. The experience that I had at Berklee showed me my limits, but it also showed me that those limits can be expanded. In my current instruction, I’m receiving six or more heavily time consuming tasks intended to improve my instrumental capabilities. These responsibilities must be perfected within a week’s time. Through my own private instruction at Berklee, I’ve learned to see personal limits and work to expand them in my own playing and in that of my students. My experience at Berklee has allowed me to understand that limits regarding the amount of work within reach can be expanded upon, this has tied into my own philosophy regarding the instruction that I

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