Essay My Personal Struggle With Finding My Identity

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If you were to ask me four years ago who I would imagine myself ending up like after high school, it would not be who I am today. The 13 long, and sometimes dreaded, years I experienced in school, helped me discover the type of person I wanted to become. Finishing high school was important to me because it was a big asset in the process of discovering my adulthood. Parker Palmar states student fears in his essay “The Courage to Teach” and Amy Tan discusses language in her essay “Mother Tongue” and it is through their work that I can relate my personal struggle with finding my identity while in school.
Palmer’s essay demonstrates the fears students go through and the pressure students feel about school. Palmar states student fears as including, “failing … not understanding … being drawn into issues they would rather avoid … looking foolish in front of their peers” (1). Palmer makes it clear that student’s fears are evident. He continues to add, “We fear encounters in which the other is free to be itself, to speak its own truth” (1). What I took from Palmers quote is that school sets an environment, which makes it difficult fir students to interact freely in. An environment like this contains a student’s full creative capacity. Palmer carries the idea of silence in the second half of his essay. He states, “Silence that has always been adopted by people on the margin- people who have reason to fear those in power and have learned that there is safety in no speaking” (2).…

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