Essay about My Personal Statement Of My Life

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When I die, I want to be cremated. My wishes to be cremated does not stem from any Hindu beliefs, but a fear of taking up Earth’s precious space. I want my ashes to be spread across four different geographic areas that align with Earth, air, fire, and water. The focal point of my funeral will be life, not death. In addition, I want the theme to be revolved around natural notions because death is natural. This homage to the natural closely aligns with how I live as well. My personal mantra is to treat my body like a temple both physically and mentally. This closely resembles certain Hindu practices or beliefs which I have personally adapted from my Indian grandparents. Although I would not classify myself as religious and do not follow any organized religion, I am spiritual. I would like the service to acknowledge that I have returned to where I once was with no mention of a specific religion. Before the service begins, everyone will walk into a large room that is lit only by soft strings of light on the ceiling that will resemble the stars. The room will be filled with different plants and a plethora of Stargazers. I want the room to have a natural, soft, and feminine feel. In addition, all guests will be dressed in white. This soft, feminine feel I wish to have stems from gender roles. I want people to feel comforted and wish to protect my loved ones; I see this as a motherly characteristic of gender roles. In addition, I want the feminine setting with dozens of flowers…

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