My Personal Learning Styles

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What is a learning style? It is the way a person prefers to learn or be taught. There are many different styles of learning and not one of them is better than the other. It’s all personal preference. My learning styles are Rational, Concrete and Pragmatic, which match my personality traits, to say the least. It appears to me that personality traits are good indicators of learning styles.
Rational Learner: objective, relying on facts. In my everyday life I tend to be objective in order to gain understanding of the process or reasoning behind the task at hand. I need to completely understand the whole picture before I can act accordingly and make the best decision possible. Some may call it indecisive, but I call it an attempt to make a correct decision the first time to avoid having to go back and try to correct it later. My motto is “seek first to understand”. It’s very hard for me to do something just because. Sure, I can go through the motions, but without details or information who is comfortable completing any task? Unless you understand what it is you are doing in its entirety, it’s not easy to accomplish anything with certainty. I probably tend more to this learning style than any other. I need order in my life to keep me on track. I need to know when the first step is going to happen so the next step can take place. I need to know when to work on tasks and when they are due.
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I tend to need every ounce of information I can obtain, paying attention to every single detail. Without all the detail how does one come to an educated conclusion? At times this can get me into a little bit of trouble. I will over think things and make it so much harder on myself. I will nitpick the smallest detail to death. In the end, it generally pays off. In actuality I feel that concrete and rational learning in a way goes hand in hand. Both needing facts and evidence to support a

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