Essay on My Personal Code Of Ethics

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My personal ethics have been developed my entire life. What is right and wrong has been instilled in me since I was born, but what is right and wrong isn’t the extent of my personal ethics. My personal code of ethics is vast and covers a wide array of topics which I hold true to. These aspects are a part of my life day in and day out and will not be changing anytime soon, no matter the situation.
Personal Integrity My personal integrity isn’t necessarily a “cannon” to my personal code of ethics, but it is the aspect that binds it together. I do not want to compromise my personal ethics for any situation or person. It is important to respect my own beliefs if I am to ever respect the beliefs of others. Alternatively, how do I expect others to respect my beliefs if I don’t? A prime example of this from class is the case of Stephen and Dudley. Brooks, who was the man that didn’t partake in the killing, but he did eventually take part in the consumption of Parker. The urge to kill was against the personal integrity of Brooks, that’s why he didn’t assent or protest to the killing. If his personal integrity was stronger, he would have protested against the killing. He would not have allowed others to act in such a manner and stood up for what he believed in.
Tell the truth as you deem fit As far as truth is concerned, I take a utilitarian view. Critical thinking about an action is the main concern in utilitarianism. If I tell the truth about this, how will this affect others?…

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