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In my opinion after reading the documents, I see the econimic growth as one of the most important factors and most convincing reasons for the expansion. In the documents you see that a lot of counntries were in hardships at the time. Even with this hardships those lands were very fertal and had a lot of promis as stated in "Joseph Chamberlain 's) Speach on page (257). With this factor you can see why econimic growth will be a important factor in bringing these lands back from the dead and the lands that are already in power the abillity to maintain jobs and econimic growth for years to come.

There were six man arguements to the expansion. The first arguement states that gaining political power will put them in the books for life allowing their growth of their culture. The second arguement states many reasons to expand the Fiji lands which includes a lot about what they already own and how owing the rest will be more realistic on a map. The third arguement brings up econimic and aguricultural needs to defent its lands. The fourth states that by expanding you gain more need for goods allowign for more jobs to support the needs for goods. The fifth states language is a major factor needed to concure and be successfull in the expansion. The sixth and final arguement states that they lost more in blood then they gained in financial success.

With all these arguements in mind you can defently see a link with the econimic success. Even though they dont only talk about power,…

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