My Night - Original Writing Essay examples

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I remember old times as I sit back and stare out the window on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It has been about two years since the incident occurred. The thought of how you can losing someone 's trust in a matter of seconds is terrifying; It takes a long time to gain someone 's trust again after it is broken. With this in mind, I learned that my actions can affect those around me and trying to fit in is not always the best decision,

It all started on a Saturday night when my friend Kimberly decided to sleep over. At sixteen years old I wasn 't as outgoing as Kimberly was. As time passed by, we couldn 't decide what to do.

"We should go to this party I heard about," Kimberly said.

“I don 't think that is a good idea, my mom is sleeping in the other room," I said.

"Come on, you never want to do anything fun. If you 're just going to sit here all night then I 'm leaving. "

"Fine, I’ll go, but we have to sneak out because my mom can 't find out. "

I hesitated for a moment as we were walking towards Kimberly 's car. I knew the night had just begun for us. I was overwhelmed at the fact that I had never done anything reckless before. I knew I could not turn back anymore, but the fear of getting caught lingered in my mind.

As we arrived to the party, crowds of people were dancing and drinking all around us. As we headed outside, to the backyard, many people followed behind.

”Now that we are all gathered, we should play a game of beer pong,"…

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