My Museum Trip At The Metropolitan Essay

705 Words Apr 29th, 2016 3 Pages
My museum trip at the Metropolitan started off with me visiting the Egypt Section first. My first stop in this section was to look for the “Ancient Models from the Tomb of Meketre.” Which I found in gallery 105. Most of the information I needed was on the wall. I found out that instead of them depicting their daily life in Egypt when they lived, but items that would sustain the deceased in the afterlife. I continued to walk and found the mummy of Kharushere which was located in gallery 126. Kharushere was a male mummy who lived between the ages of 30-35 during the intermediate period, dynasty 22 (around 825–712 BCE). Continuing my observation to the Temple of Dunbar, I was unable to successfully visit the inside because it was closed for some time due to renovation. Moving on the Greece and Rome, there were many sculptures to choose from I chose the “marble statue of a woman.” The name of the woman is unknown but probably represents a goddess. They think the figure represents Themis, the goddess associated with custom and law. This was sculpted around the 2nd half of the 4th century B.C. The material used in the sculpture is marble. I chose this sculpture because it did not have a head or hands, but to me had a lot of details in the garments from the wrinkles, and the metal buttons that were there but are no longer. I was able to find parts of a table, which was the table support (Marble Trapezophoros). It was used as one end of the table to support the heavy upper. It…

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