Essay about My Mother 's Second Child

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In the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a child was born to Ms. Francisca Nunez and Mr. Adelchy Cerda in the year of 1995. The 9 pound baby girl was named Dayra Cerda and that’s me! When I found out I had to write an autobiography, I said to myself, “What can I talk about? I just turned 20 years old!” However, I actually have a lot to write about, from childhood memories, family, high school days and so forth. I lived with my mother in Puerto Rico until I was about 2 years old. I was my mom’s second child. My older sister is currently 26 and my mother gave birth to her when she was 15. My mother worked as a bartender for my grandma (from my dad’s side) in Isla Verde and I remember running around the restaurant/bar in ridiculous big dresses. I was a happy baby and I enjoyed being carried by everyone and anyone. I moved to the Dominican Republic when I was two years old and lived with my grandma (from my mom’s side) while my mother looked for a job and an apartment in New Jersey. Living in Dominican Republic was so much fun. My grandma took care of my older sister, two older cousins, and I. Growing up in the DR is extremely different than the United States. I was always outside playing, going on adventures, swimming in the river, playing dominoes or cards, riding horses or just sitting outside and talking. I do not remember being indoors and watching TV all day. We did not have the technology that we have today, and even if we were to have it, we did not have electricity for…

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