My Mother, My Favorite Mother Essay

1091 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
It is a sunny day in August, a warm, relaxing Saturday afternoon. As all of us sit together, side by side, we sit on the beach watching the sun go down. We are enjoying the fun. As my family watches the bright sky, we enjoy our family time together, and we were loving the family bonding us had. The bonding we has made our family to communicate more with each other. I respect my mother, my favorite mother. She enjoy going places with her . She is an independant woman who takes long steps, as if she were Learning something new. At any time, she thinks about what is right or what is wrong. In her everyday life, she likes to help people with needs. she has plain brown eyes, lone-short hair that has barely any white, long eyelashes, a triangular nose, and neatly shaped black eyebrows. Though she is getting older and her hair changing slowly by time—as if she were getting snow strings—when she is with others she enjoys communicating everyday in public. She sarcastically tells me and my older sister about her life. She tells us, “Keep an eye on this child.” Laughing, I laughed so hard when she told us that. Before we leave, I give my mother a hug, a big bear hug pinching her arm two times. I didn’t want to leave my mom because i feel more closer with her than any one. “Victor, you’re a good kid to have too,” she says, proudly in quietness. Then she hugs me. I feel her arms around my back. when she holds me, I feel appreciate, love, as if she were my sister and I were her…

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