My Mind Focused On The Gathering Grand Prix Essay

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With a thud, the till tray slams into the floor as I start to sweep my hand across the bottom of the cash drawer for any large bills straggling behind. I scan the floor to see coins scattered across the carpet like a jumbo sized connect the dots picture. The only picture they formed was the encroaching deadline that I had set for myself. I had places to be, bags to pack, travel arrangements to finalize. I kept getting distracted by the shrinking timetable I had set for myself, as I stood in the glow of computer screens and dull cooler lights, frantically scribbling numbers on a deposit slip, trying to verify my counts were accurate. The store was empty, except for the seemingly ever increasing shadows and the looming towers of product. My mind focused on the upcoming weekend, a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix, and what cards I was going to play. With my counts finished, I set the alarm and bolted as fast as my 300 pound frame could carry itself to my car. Closing the store took too long. I was running late. I was on my way to Grand Prix Boston-Worchester. Something felt special about this trip. I was excited, I had never been to Boston before, I heard stories about the town from my family. When my mother 's parents were still alive and younger they would vacation in Gloucester and drive through Boston on their way from Syracuse, New York. My aunt also had a very sizable tea spoon collection featuring many scenes of lighthouses and lobsters, many of them labeled Boston…

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