Essay on My Memories Of My Life

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He stared hard at me a sinister look within his eyes. He rammed into me, the ground taken underneath my feet. Instantly I felt a massive slash of pain burst along my left leg. My knee popped out of place it shifted first to the right and then to the left in less than one second. I collapsed in pain not knowing if I would be able to get up again.
It was a cloudy and chilly day. I had not gone out in two months and was excited to finally go out to a concert with my friends. My mom did not like me going to concerts or being out late, especially with the friends I was going with. That same day I arrived from school, I found out that a water pipe had burst and flooded my drive way. The whole day was going bad and was killing my excitement. I decided to go anyway, I needed to clear my head, have a good time and set myself free to the music. When I did get to the show it was pouring rain outside and the venue was small. People there were knit tight and compacted among each other as they all strived to get closer to the stage. Everybody around over towered me and I had to jump up high to have a better view of what was going on. The memory is faint but I remember someone looking into my eyes making me feel uncomfortable, unsafe and as if something evil lurked within them. I had no time to move or react. Coming down from one jump that same guy rammed into me making me land with all my weight on the ball of my left foot. I felt my leg fold in unnatural ways as I collapsed. No one…

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