My Memories : My Childhood Memories Essay

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I can still remember the naiveté, and resplendence of my youth. In my memories, colours are vibrant, sounds are sharp, and smells are unmistakable. In particular, I recall the striking green hue of the grass and leaves on my grandparents’ farm, and the smell of dirt and flowers entwined in the sweet summer air. My childhood memories of the farm focus on the joys of crafts and gardening, but most of all, the warmth of family. I reminisce about days replete with the warmth of my grandma’s love, and the impression she had on my young life. She would teach me to crochet, and create simple jewellery on the old oak dining table, with the cheery August sun streaming through the open windows. Unfortunately, I also remember the day my grandma passed away; it was a day that shaped my life with anxiety, faith, and wisdom.
I was only six years old when I lost the person most special to me. The day started out ordinary, as these days always do. Naturally, my brother and I were playing together cordially, with little Legos in bright blues, reds, and yellows spread out over the soft grey carpet of his bedroom. I heard the phone ring, yet I paid no regard to the way the seemingly ordinary tones repeated like funeral bells. Eventually the phone was answered, and I continued to amuse myself, engrossed in the captivating daydream of building and creating like the God of my own arcane universe. Suddenly, I heard rushed footsteps, and the distressed voice of my mom. She loaded us into the car…

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