My Memories From My Childhood Essay

807 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Everyone has a few memories from their childhood that seem so vividly true that we cling onto them and believe that every single little detail of this memory is completely true. What if someone told you that parts of this memory could be entirely false, even the whole memory could be fabricated? How do you determine if this memory is actual something that you went through, or if it was a story that you fabricated a “movie” for in your head? I have two memories from my childhood that may or may not even have happened, the only way to find out is to analyze them. To start off, the first memory I could recall from my childhood would be, when I was about 2 I remember being in the living room playing with my toys. I had this yellow rubber ring, I was holding it and I remember my brother coming into the living room and trying to take it, or play with me with it, that part is a little fuzzy. Eventually I ended up laying on it trying to keep it away from him. This changes my beliefs for two reasons the first being that in the Psychology Themes and Variations text book by Wayne Weiten on page 277 it states that “ imagery, or the creation of visual images to represent words can be used to enrich encoding.” This definition tells me that my mind may have made up the memory when the story of something similar to this memory was told to me. The second thing that made me second guess my judgment is an article I found titled “A picture is worth a thousand lies: Using false photographs to…

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