Essay on My Listener 's Conceptions Of Normality

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Analysis and discussion=================================================
There are a few points I would like to discuss about my interviewee’s conceptions of normality. The first would be Allan’s sense of himself as an individual or outsider to the mainstream and the story of his name. The second would be Allan’s sense of himself as an American, independent of his Latvian roots. The third would be Allan’s sense of how the norm is molded—and also transformed—in music and culture; which in Allan’s case begs a question of the influence of money, industry, or (in a word) capitalism on what becomes considered “the norm.” =================================================
Regarding names, Conley writes that “there has almost always been a suspicion...” that unique names “are harmful to children (Conley, 2010).” Furthermore, “Many parents think that giving children offbeat monikers is akin to scarring their faces—standing out from the crowd is something you want your young ones to do by choice, not by necessity (Conley, 2010).” Considering this in light of Allan’s case makes it seem the renaming of Juris as “Allan” was part of a cultural process of assimilation,as much as a family’s worry their son would not fully assimilate. In other words, if Allan did not adopt a “normal” name, as defined by the standards of the culture he was living in, this might create the situation where he was seen as different from the crowd and, on that account, unworthy of the same treatment.…

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