My Life Has Shaped By My Family Essay

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My world has been shaped by my family. Throughout my life, I have constantly been reminded of how lucky I am to have a stable and secure home. My parents have taught me that perseverance and hard work are needed to succeed. Then, through their unique profession I have learned to be caring and compassionate towards others. Although I may not know which exact profession I want to pursue, I am committed to helping others. I have seen the impact one can have on an individual to be better and feel better. I want to have a positive effect on people, especially with the children in this world. My mother was born in Durango, Mexico and my father is from Sonsonate, El Salvador. They both immigrated to the US in search of a better life, the American dream. I remember my dad’s stories about him traveling to the United States. He rode on top of trains, walked for hours and was even robbed of his shoes in Mexico, but he still made it to the US. My mother was born in a small town, in which her family could barely survive because they did not have enough food. She explained to me that as a child she was passed around relatives because her parents couldn 't supply enough food. In traveling around, she was required to do housework in order to provide payment, so she rarely spent any time with her own family. One day, i want to embody my parents courageous and hard working ethic. To leave everything you identify with for the unknown is unimaginable. I want to have the courage to pursue my…

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