My Life From My Family Essay

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Some of my biggest influences in life come from my family. My family has always been a supportive and stable place to go to in times of need and advice. But before I start talking more about my family I want to give a background on my life and how I grew up. I was born in Los Angeles County of California in a city called Lancaster. This city in very special to my family because this is where we all came together to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. In a way this city brought our family closer. My mother, father, sister and I lived with my grandparents for about two months after I was born until we move out to start our own traditional family home in Las Vegas, Nevada. This city is also very important to our family because this is where we grew and experienced life together as my sister and I started to get older. Growing up I lived in a traditional household which consisted of my father, mother, sister and I. Somewhere between the ages four and six, my older sister and I were introduced to our older brother from my mother’s side. He came from Atlanta to live with us and from then on we lived in a blended family household. I also had another older sister from my father’s side, although she lived with her mother in North Carolina. My parents influenced my life greatly and made my childhood better than I could have asked for. My life growing up in Las Vegas was very fun. We always had something to do and my parents made sure that my siblings and I were in any…

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