My Life After A Mid Life Crisis Essay

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I watched another man having a mid-life crisis, pull out of the Novak car dealership across the street in a silver convertible. My uncle ran that dealership. I scanned my dad’s car lot; the cars were much older with red numbers written on the windshields, and they were Hondas rather than BMWs. Dad was having an intense phone call in the back office. From where I sat at the desk, I could hear snippets of the conversation that filtered through the gap in the door.
“How long… here?” Dad said.
I had no homework, so I swiveled around on my chair, and watched my dad bite his nails as he talked.
“No … get the money… just…” Dad caught my eye, and gave me a look that made me turn around again.
Then I heard the door click shut behind me.
After a while Dad’s phone call ended, and he walked out of the office, a soft smile touched the edges of his mouth.
“Jack, don’t sit there in the dark,” he said, reaching over to the switch.
I blinked as my eyes were assaulted with florescent yellow lights. “Why are you so happy? We haven’t sold a car all day.”
“No but I predict good things for this dealership.”
I rolled my eyes. `
“This time is different,” Dad sang.
A week later I sat at the same worn desk. Four customers had been in today, but only one car had left the lot. Nana came and parked her Mercedes in that empty space. The car was a gift from Uncle James. It made the car she parked next to look like utter crap. She had a bunch of bags draped over her shoulder. Immediately the…

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