My Innate Privilege And Social Status Essay

1268 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Although I am embarrassed to tell this story, for it screams massive class and racial privilege, I guess it will be another step in the acceptance of my innate privilege and social status. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to hang out with a high school buddy of mine, whom I had not seen in a while. He texted me asking if I was interesting in making a trip to the L’auberge Casino, for his girlfriend had just recently turned twenty-one and was interested in trying out her new legal freedom. I had not been to the casino since my twenty-first birthday, about ten months ago, so I decided that playing with the slot machines would not hurt. As the time to leave came, I hopped in my car, left my house, located in a subdivision on Staring Lane, and turned onto Burbank. Prior to leaving I asked myself, how exactly would I arrive to the casino? Normally the answer would obviously be the fastest way possible, however, there was an awkward dilemma. The quickest way to the L’auberge was turning onto Gardere Lane from Burbank.
Ever since I moved to Baton Rouge three years ago, my parents’ number one rule for me was to stay away from Gardere Lane. Every time I think of that street, I am reminded of my parents nervous facial expressions, and their stories about crime and gunshots (never at any time was the word black used, although oddly enough I did assume that was the case). As I drove that night I asked myself, would I make the turn down Gardere or go all the way around to…

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