My Head, The Weirdest Place Essay

2190 Words Nov 9th, 2015 9 Pages
My thoughts My head is the weirdest place to be. It’s all over the place. It runs in circles and up walls. There’s no stopping it. I imagine different versions of me running around attempting to organize my memories and deal with my emotions. The younger version of me would run around and mess up all of the work that the older ones did. The version of me from different stages would argue and some would get along pretty well, the older ones would just attempt to lead the wild mob of my past selves. While all of this is happening in my head, I’m staring straight ahead. My face is a blank canvas waiting for some type of expression to be written on it. Jamie silently waves her hands in front of my face and says are you okay Cece? You spaced out again. I quickly shook myself out of the daze and returned to the real world.
One day me and my family went to an amusement, I forgot the exact name of it. There were a lot of Looney Tunes characters there, they sold Turkey Legs at some of the stands, and there was a ride on this tower and it would take you way up and drop you. The was always commercials for it with a bald man doing a crazy dance to some catchy music. One day I had to go to the restroom and my mother sent me with my brother, Eric. The place was really crowded that day. People crowded the walkway, barely able to pass each other. He had a fairly loose grip as we hurried to the restroom. I tried my best to keep up with him, but I kept stumbling and tripping over…

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