My Grandmother Fell Victim On Paralysis Essay

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Due to a massive stroke and various other health complications, my grandmother fell victim to paralysis on the entirety of her left body at the unjust age of 73, and my mother was handed the sole responsibility of tending to her needs, be it physical, emotional, or economic. My family’s life, and most notably my own mother’s, was irrevocably transformed and became centered around my ailing Gege.
On a chilling September day, as the leaves stained with their red and green and yellow hues had just began to fall, my mother made her way over to my grandmother’s townhouse in Lindenhurst. The previous night, they had made plans at nine in the morning for brunch at our house, a common activity for the mother and daughter duo connected at the hip. My mom grew concerned when my grandma was four hours late, as punctuality was synonymous with Janet, my grandma. When the clock struck 10 o’clock, my mom reassured herself that she had simply run some errands and was running late. The clock boomed like a death sentence at 11, then 12, then 1, but she continued to think that it was a minor bump in the road; perhaps she had overslept! She planned to go over to her quaint neighborhood and wake her up. But upon walking through the doors of Janet’s humble abode, her world was shaken when she discovered her mother lying helplessly on the ground next to her bed, disorientated but seemingly fine. That day was summed up with the ringing of a 9-1-1 call, flashing red lights of ambulances, the…

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