My Grandmother, By Doris Spigelmyer Essay

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Everyone wants to be some body. Everyone wants to discover a country, end world peace, invent the next type of music, and be the next president. Just because someone does an extraordinary or honorable thing does not mean that they are an honorable person. Some of the most extraordinary people in the world are mothers. But many people don’t want to be “just a mother”. A lot of people think that once you have a kid you’re just another mother, that you are just ordinary. Well my grandmother, Doris Spigelmyer, was mainly a mother for most of her life. But she was far from ordinary.
Doris Bradley was born on December 3, 1938. When she was in her late teens she married Gerald Spigelmyer and became Mrs. Doris Spigelmyer. In 1957 she became a mother to a baby boy she decided to name Toby Lee Spigelmyer. Over the course of 10 years, she had six kids in all. The baby after Toby was a boy too. So was the next baby, and the next three kids after that. Her last baby was a little girl she named Tammy. Our family often teases that they kept having kids until they finally got a girl.
Now often when you want to know about a person who passed away, you would ask the person she affected the most to know what the person was like. But Grandma Doris affected far more than one person. She had 6 kids and made friends with ever one she met so interviewing one person would not define how grandma truly acted and how she truly was. In the course of this paper, fifteen people are mentioned who all…

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