My Goals And Goals For The Price Of Education

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I was born and raised in the northwestern part of Haiti, where the population of children in the streets is higher than in schools. Morals and values are learned in the streets, and students are challenged to dream, however, the promise of a better future is not guaranteed. I observed a number of parents attempt to provide their children with the quality of education that was not accessible to them though the price of education is unaffordable. One that stood out the most is the assiduous man that I called “father” who attempted to make ends meet on an everyday basis. A provider of nine children, not including his nieces and nephews that depend on him, he never complained. He goes from job to job to make sure that our mouths are fed and that we are going to school. He’s a strong believer in the gift of education and he dedicated his life to ensure that our future look brighter ahead. He believes that the future is promising only if the right quality of education is acquired. He could have pursued a career and he could have attained a better place in society, but since he failed to obtain an adequate level …show more content…
I plan to teach my lessons in a candid manner that facilitate comprehension, in the same way, provide them with space to grow and expand on their own. Through independent assignments, I hoped to portray the significance of hard work and by the influence collaboration, students will learn the importance of helping others. My students are permitted to freely express themselves whether it is through writing, fine arts, creating ideas, and share emotion etc. This way, they are more likely to produce a voice of their own, gain a sense of self and worth, also, to generate confidence and released their imagination. I aware that working with youth might not be the easiest task but the sum of my passion and determination multiply by a great amount patience is enough to do the

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