My First Screening Secret Daughter Essay

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Upon first screening Secret Daughter, I couldn’t help but consider the ways in which our society, in all of its affluence has changed very little since the 1960’s with its civil rights movement. Yes, people of color can vote, eat in whatever establishment they choose, and use public transportation without fear of being thrown off; however, there is still a deep seated mistrust between those of color and those who are white. Even as our nation has grown more affluent, we still find ourselves embroiled in race wars. How can this be? Will we ever be able to move past the color of a person’s skin in order to see the beauty of humanity that lies within each of us? When we first meet June, she has traveled to California in order to visit her biological mother Norma. She has done this in an attempt to convince her to admit on camera, that June, who is biracial is in fact her daughter. After a three hour interview with Norma, June discovers later that there was no sound. When June calls to tell her mother, Norma see this as a sign that the secret is meant to remain just that; a secret. June’s heart is broken because although she has done well for herself, there is a part of her that longs to be able to identify on some level with the woman who gave birth to her. June’s story invites us see the ways in which our personal troubles are influenced by the social issues of our times, and how they in turn influence our roles as mothers, fathers, and daughters.
When you consider June’s…

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